Respected sir, My age is 29 year old but i am suffering white hair problem.almost 50% white hair.So there is any treatment or medicine?? Please tell me how to treat at home for convert white hair into black quickly. “can my hair turn black? Sir, Please give suggest for white hairs problems. Problem solved. Thanks Saravanan, Hellow sir.i have premature gray hairs since 7 year with progression as time passes.i have severe dandruff on scalp nd have weak hairs.i hv no gastric problems but have gas trouble since childhood.m 23 years old now. can also cause this problem. I have no medical problem .. am extremely active and workout four times a week. Following are the list of events happened to my wife’s Health. But I reckon that greying and for that matter signs of ageing can be pushed forward by leading a healthy lifestyle. 8. My hairs are long but become white since two years. I m suffering from hair fall from the age of 24 . I am 27yrs old and have started developing grey hairs. Some people suffer from chronic sinusitis, which makes nasal mucus very thick and glue-like, green or yellow-colored, and even a little funky … To turn white hair into black. doctor please suggest me some medicine for her cause at this early age if her hairs will turn grey she will have complex and will decrease her confidence. I nead your help sir… please help me…….. Hello doctor , I have very high bp 180/130 since last 12 years . Slight white hair started on beard too. Sir i am only 16 and my hair is getting white . I want to get rid of my grey hair. Hi sir my name ia ritik chaudhary i m 17 years old my hair is started to grey at almost hair is grey because i had using gel thats y, i need medicine or tonic that will reverse white hair into black within 1 or 2 month 100 percent by Homeopathic medicine my no is 9172183907 or 8237207227 plz sir give me some solutions and call me plzz, I am B K NAYAK, 35Yr from ctc, odissa, lndia, my body hair along with head hair are riping day by day , pl. Please tell me whether it can be reversed or can be suspended at current phase. I’m 18 years old and I have few white hairs. please tell me a strong homeopathy medicine for my hair sir almost my 95 percent gray hair.what we do? Just want to know the above mention medican is good to start for such problem. I am JAMSHED. Finding your first grey hair can be a scary moment that makes you suddenly realise you aren’t going to live forever and that you are at some point going to ‘turn old’. Previously I used to apply henna but later I had to use Godrej powder hair dye because of some reason. What would you recommend homeopathically? i have 90%grey hair on my head and 50%grey beard. See Mr.Joe who replies and satisfies the patients cordially Naim Hussain, Sir, It is regretted to say that I have posted my Eye Case History about one week ago on your gmail. give me sure homeopathic Medicine for this problem Thanks, Em 25yrs and my hair is grey in colour.. Wat can l use to make it black again.. Em from Kenya. My age is 40. Sir I m 32years old female my hair are becoming white for covering this I m using Sunny homeo hair color but I want to go for homeopathic treatment for this n want natural black hair by treatment. my 50 % hair are turn into white . Please do reply.. sir my age is 31 my hair is getting white plz tell my homeopathy treatment and natural remedy. Initially i dint care but now condition i going to worse. Fig. Plz reply soon. what should I do? Put two drops of pure sesame seed oil in each nostril and draw deeply. But is that a good reason to use henna even now. My hair started greying which homeopathic medicine i should take I also have diabetic, Doctor My hair slowly slowly greying i am much worry beard side and head side what should i do i have had much masturbation in my child hood and i dont eat chilly dishes. dear doctor , i am male 30, plz recomend medicine for grey hair, my beard also started to grey, plz help. plz give me any solution. i tried allopathic but did not get much improvement. I am using Hair Grey tab ,Hair Care tab , Camy black k1 hair oil from 8 months i have seen a good results from that buy from last two months i havn’t seen any results regarding my premature greyness of hairs . Overview. Now i have stopped taking medcines . My age is 32 bhut jyada grey ho chuke h .. regular yoga b krti hu 2 month se kuch frk nhe pd rha h ..any solution mam.. Earlier it was thought that hair turns grey merely due to the loss of the pigment-forming melanocytes. A pilonidal (pie-low-NIE-dul) cyst is an abnormal pocket in the skin that usually contains hair and skin debris. – The Iron level was some what less and she gave some Iron and folic acid tablets (Ferrex 150) – The Hair fall still continued. In such a small age this is sometimes embarrassing, and now from last 1 year i found that hairs of my beard also started becoming grey which make me even more worried. I am unmarried. Can u suggest me to reverse my grey hair black, Dear Dr. Dear doctor I am Bangladeshi.I have been suffering from white hair in my 23 years of father suffer same problem.but I use hair dye for 7 how can i given solution about this condition. If any kindly suggest the treatment and medicined. It becomes complete white. ps. Going grey can also mean that you have a hidden medical problem. sabse adhik aage se, kai jagah pe poore kaale baal khatm hoke white baal ho gaye hain. Sir.i am 30 age my whole body hair are become white fastly i am very worried about it.pleas suggest me.please help, Sir.i am 28age my whole body hair are become white fastly i am very worried about it.pleas suggest me.please help. Now my eyebrows & eyelashes r turning white .i am very upset & depressed because of this. Do you ship the medicines to US ? Even my beard is also changing In white and somewhere brown. Sir, I am 25 yrs old. Hi Dr. Sir I’m age 40 yrs. Not quite. We also saw which foods can help replenish the antioxidant enzymes. Dear sir, i am 29 years old.on top of scalp my hair is becoming white its in just initial position.i am not smoker and i am suffering from any disease and fully fit person.i like sweets.i never use any cosmetic products for hair.i always use sbl’s jaborandi hair oil but still its becoming white. I M SUFFERING FROM HAIR GRAYING SINCE 2005. Sir,I m Saurav I m just 16 years old….and my 50℅ hair is turn into white…. Please help me how i become well as soon as possible. My name is demele s . Sir, I am 22 years old, my 50% hair is getting white. With age, there is a loss in cells that contain melanin, and hence the hair greying. Hello sir my hair getting white day by day. Is there any treatment for me so that white hair can turn black now..please reply, Sir I m just 19 and my maximum hair turn to white .what should I do to get rid of the white hair. My hair is almost getting white in colour. Its getting white day by day, specially from both side of head. Hello sir.. My name is Keerthi. Nothing makes a sinus infection worse than a raw, irritated nose from over-wiping. How can I know whether my problem is genetic or due to some deficiency . iam sarangapani. sir kya mere grey hair specially my grey beard black ho sakti hi. It … I am a 56 yr old women, my hair stated getting white at 20 yrs of age, but a couple of yrs back few hair got white n now recently i noticed some more after I had severe attacks of anxiety with heart symptoms and painful varicose veins on legs for which i took cal carb 30 with success for some time ,then i started ars alb, i have stopped all homeo meds now, and saw a cardiologist but doc said nothing wrong with heart! My husband is 36 years old and his major problem is grey hairs in eyelashes and eyebrows. When you have a cold or sinus it is common for you to rub the nose constantly. I have projected to give lyco 200 ldose per week and acid phos daily. Plz help me. In how many months this medicine will show the result… any one is there who had used this medicine plz reply me…, My age 36, my issue is that along with scalp hair my beard , mustache and hair on chest have started to grey out. Thanks Regards Priyanka, i am facing many hair problems. Please suggest a medicine. I took medicine twice but it is not cured completely.I would like to tell you few things about my daughter her color is very fair.height is normal and she is very thin(weight is 16 kg) she is very active cant sit at one place she is very fussy in eating.hardly she likes anything..she eats only potato in vegetables she likes salty n spicy foods not like much sweets she doesn’t drinks milk. Myself has done the pre mature ejaculation plz treat me gud homeopathy medicine. So what shampoo and conditional can I have to use and give me a suggestion about the Isit possible to less if I eat medicine.?? Hi Dr.I am iranian. Hii doctor my hairs are are getting white in huge number can u plz prescribe me the relevant homeopathic remedy. please suggest how can I stop greying of hair and is it any way to turn the grey hair to black, I am 18 years old girl. I want to know can i take these medicines or any other medicines which stop my futher hair turning white.My age is 33 no hair fall but Dandruff (white) oily skin…….. plz suggest some gud medicines. Thanks, sir mere kafi bal white h or meri age h 18 please mujhe treatment dijiye, sir,i want to know about the homopathic medicine for graying new hair of madicine which i can get medicine in aligarh (up)india, Sir I am suffering from premature greying of hair. I’m 24years old My hair is white😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔 How can treatment?😔😔. Chronic sinusitis occurs when the spaces inside your nose and head (sinuses) are swollen and inflamed for three months or longer, despite treatment.This common condition interferes with the way mucus normally drains, and makes your nose stuffy. SIR, I PURCHASE SILICIA 12X MEDICINE COMPANY NAME IS HRL. My age is 38 yrs. My age “28” female, I’m suffering from premature white hairs please good medicine for white hairs turn into black regrowth. I am Ankit (age 26years) from New Delhi , from last few years i am suffering from the problem of grey hairs and it it growing more and more continuously day by day. waiting for your reply thank you. The grey hair is evenly on entire head. ANY MEDICINE, YOU PL SUGGEST ALONG WITH DOSES. help me …, sir, I have sister name kavya she is in class: 10 but she have problem with his white heir(few heir),,, kindly suggest me the medicine for her. how i can get black and volume in my hair. Iregularly it fruits,green vegitables,milk, but my beared hair get white and its continuously increasing. Sir i am 19 year old . i am 19,now facing the problem of hair greying which looks very it curable by any homeopathic medicine? After another 1 month the HAIR FALL continued and it is very severe now and shown little bald on one side. And if yes how I will use it please know me. It started getting white last year . I would appreciate if u plz suggest the medicine. i come to know some medicines from internet like Lycopodium & Acid Phos. Hi mam I m sohit 27 years old facing white beard issue before 2 yrs I have only 1 white hair on beard I plucked that hair did biggest mistake of my life. Before ending let’s recap: Do you have early greying of hair? I also am seeing hair-loss recently which is more in some patches on my scalp. My hair is falling at faster rate and greying also. I took homeopathic treatment for several month but no results. Two years ago it was 0.25 only. Pls give me suggestions. My son is 14 years old and his hair have started turning white. I have dry scalp and dandruff if I don’t wash my hair often. Now i can see around 5/6 grey hair. His hairs are getting white somewhere. please help. My son is 16 years old. Hi . my hair started geying when i was 19yr old,now ,now my age is 33..request ur help..weight is 55kg,i prefer eating spicy food,thirst is frequent,prefer having cold water..let me know if u want more information. Can I have black hair now. Remedys try KAR chuKa hu to plz muje koi homeopathic medicine lene ke liye soch Raha hu to plz muje Sahi jankari dijiye plz plz plz plz aur muje Dr.reckeeeg ki R89 homeopathic medicine ke bare me bataiye Kya ye White hair ko kala karne me kam aati hai plz plz. Alomst 70% of my beard and 60% of my head have been turned to white. i need to color my hair every 10 days because i am allergic to henna. Suggest best homeopathic medicine for me. Breathing through your nose may be difficult, and the area around your eyes might feel swollen or tender.Chronic sinusitis can be brought on by an infection, by growths in the sinuses (nasal polyps) or swelling of the lining of your sinuses. and I have lots of white hairs . It tastes very sour. i have use too many home remadies but it does not show effect. At the age of 3 year start white hair and till now approx 40 to 50 hair are white so that plz suggest medicine. Give me a good treatment for this. Nowadays my beard also started to become White. I hv prblem with my hairs going white in speed , my beared also going to be white , I hv gastric trouble and digetion problems and constipation, when taking food large sweatning on my scull , also I hv stress at my workplace , Hello sir i am just 20 years. I am only 26 year but i have white beard . Hello Dr. I want my hair becomes black do you have any idea for this. If you can suggest any Age : 35. In a recent study, researchers found that people with grey hair had a massive concentration of H2O2 in their hair; plus they had low levels of enzyme catalase and MSR. Hi, My name is tina singh. Please advice me how can i solve my problem, I am 18years old but my hairs are started to become whitish in colour, i m 23year old and my hair are getting grey. Thanks, mam my 70% of hair has got white due to sinus problem is there any treatment for to turn into black plz help me i don’t feel good with my frndz due to hair problem. There are so many medicines prescribed above and I don’t know which one is good from the list (Phosphoric Acid, Lycopodium, Natrum Mur, Phosphorus, Silicea & Vinca Minor) above. so how long will it take to reverse the color of my hair. Please tell me a medicin name and sugest me what i do to white hair. Can they be black again. Is it have any cure ? It quickly breaks down H2O2 to water and oxygen. i had used gell and machine like straightening for hair. I am 20 years old,I have white hairs how could i rid that of? After 1 month we went to Gynecologist and he examined hormones level through blood work and said, that is also good. Doctor actually I m suffering from hair disease my hair turning black to white about 25% of my hair is white. I do know that, you are too busy Doctor. Hi sir, my son age 16,he is suffering from white hair.please give suggestion. Please suggest me. .? Is there any medicine for reducing hair graying at this age. Hello sir, Today i go through your website. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ located at the base of your neck. Suggest me a best homeo phatic medicine. Dear Dr., I’m facing premature of hair since 2008, now it affect my Eye Brow since last year , I’m 36yrs old.Premature happening my facial portion also. Hi sir I m hemant 38 year old meri problem hai meri shev 80%white ho gy hai main chahta hu y blck ho jay Sir kya y psbl hai if y psbl hai to plz help me Thank you. My age is 24 yrs old. The biggest gray hair don't. I m 28 years beard getting grey day by day.could u pls tell me any suggestion about it..thanks. But there is also a link between greying and low vitamin D. One study found that levels of vitamin D3 were either deficient or insufficient in all the participants with premature grey hair. One cause for this may be genetic because my mom’s family have this problem. sir i am unmarried and may be in one year i will get married but this problem is a big hurdle pls help me sir. Hello Sir! I’m just 20 and my hair is turning into white please tell me what to do and it is starting n day by day it is increasing, Dear doctor I am 29 years old and my hair stated turning grey when i was 23 uears now it going may due yo stress or tension.but i want cure .may you help be to control on this problem.please. Coming to the point my daughter age 13. To counteract the effect of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), it produces various antioxidant enzymes such as: Catalase, MSR and Glutathione peroxidase. sir im 24 year old ,my hair getting white and hair fall ,so plese help me to how get black hair ….. how can change white hairs to black hair and how can get black hairs in the place of white hairs, Sir my husband is suffering with migrain headche problem with lots of gestic difficulties. Good evening sir,My name is Jitendra kumar,Age-24,Problem-Bear & moustache hair has become white and increases in fast rate,so please you recommend me. Thanks. The premature greying of hair can be successfully treated with Homeopathic medicines. Hello Sir, My age is 32 years old and female. Secondely how long i use this medicine which you will suggest me. also few of my beards has also white hair. That is a case to I am in tantrum. kafi medicine use ki but koi fayda nahi hua hai. While it may be tempting to pull out a silver strand or … Else whatever you think better. Sometimes have bloating and allergy like sneezing etc. please some good medicine for white hair turn into black regrowth. 5. lack of any nutrition responsible for black colour of hair. Hello im 27 girl and live in Iran.i have problem in my hair from last 2 years until hair becom withe and gray very soon,it isn gray hair in spot they are speared all over my head.we dont have in gene in this age that i so worry about my to day become more gray.please help me.i test alot homepathy treatment bud didnt help me any more How can I know whether my problem is genetic or due to some deficiency .please helppppppppp me, Iam 14,years old have grey hair from last 2 years I was going through a homeopathy treatment from last 18 months but have stopped this treatment due to fear of side effects . My diet is good and no deficiency too. Dear sir a m 28 years 10 parent hair become grey plz plz..suggest some medicine my problems sinus,cold,kaph etc.. Sir! I am 40 and my hair has been greying ever since I was inschool. Kindly let me know is there any hair oil in homeopathy to keep my hair black through out the day. My name is ankur and I am 18 yrs old. I suffering from premature greying hair from last 3 year.Sometime i feel hopeless .please suggest me for good homeopathy medicine. Clinic name is Dr feel good . Also please advise me what should i apply on my hairs to hide these grey hairs as i do not want to use hair color. Respected Dr. Sharma sir, I am 23 year old. please help to reduce. Just oil and shampoo i use now. also hair going to falling & became thin day by day. Now i am 38 years of age. Weight is 64 kg Height is 5’6″ . Mere bahaut sare baal ho gaye hain . Please tell me how to take acidum phosphoricum Q. I am sandip Nandi my age is 18 years u am suffer hair problem white hair and hair fall many i am tense this condition please help me sir. please mention those medicine Kindly suggest or help me, My name is pratik modi . Please tell me a remedy to this. My son is 22 years old his 30% hair is gray plz give me any advice to stop graying, I am 16 years old I lots of hairs please tell me any medicen or any treatment. Please let us know in case of any concerns. i shall be thank ful dr.gopal. I have gray hair and I want get rid off . India and my 50% To 60% white hair gone so please help me and Please tell me what it is I can have white hair black again please Sir help me and Can I do anything for it . Thank you. What can i do now? I am 27 years old..I have grey hairs which increased rapidly after my child birth… Even I take vitamin supplements but greying of hair is not yet controlled… please let me know do I have any treatment in homeopathic to avoid greying….. sir, mere hair behut white ho rehe hai …muje inka koi ayurvadik ilaz betao….pls, I am 30 year old .9to10 hair are in below the nose (mucch).how l reduce. Thanks, Hello Dr. Dharma I have a problem of hair fall n greying hair since last 6 years. All the patients for whom Lycopodium can be of great help usually suffer from gastric troubles like constipation and gas in the abdomen. After 2 months the General physicain did Blood test again (this time she included Iron). My hairs have turned white and now they are spreading over to my eye brows. By eating foods that promote the production of glutathione. Hello Dr Sharma, I have suffering from greying hair also my beard is greying so fast my age is 30year please give me a solution or any effective medicine or hair oil which stop greying my hair. But now they have covered a circular portion. Later in addition we consulted Dermatologist at Max Saket , who disgnosed Biotin deficiency and prescribed Folliderm Tablet and Spoo Shampoo. Even I am caring his food practice and providing sufficient nutrient in his food. We can do every ayurvedic ,natural and medicinal method. My grey hair problem started from 20. I am so depressed. Hello Dr. Sharma, Greetings of the day! Please suggest a suitable treatment. The presence of H2O2 creates hydroxyl radicals (free radicals) that break tyrosinase down. sometime i feel hopeless. Sir, Please suggest me homeopathy medicine to stop premature graying of my hairs. Then Are treatment is possible in homeophaty for grey hair. Day by day its increasing quantity. Hi doctor I have premature grey hair. A study published in Indian dermatology found that smokers are 2.5 times more likely to begin greying prematurely compared to non-smokers. Request you to advise on a consultation time over phone and let me know your charges for consultation and medicines. My hair white 24age please help me solution, Madan I am a forty aged women and recently I notice all my hair getting grey. This leads to the buildup of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles and leaves us with ever-increasing grey hair. Hairs on my chin have started becoming grey . The speed of greying increased 2 years ago due to high level stress. Sir how i reduce white using homoyopathick medicine, Sir i have problem of greying of hair in large area and thinning problem sugest me any homeopathic medicine in proper dosages, 80 percent of my hair is gray. I tried homeopathic medicine for more tgan an year but no accurate results. I m 32 year old married. I have serious problem of greying hair , it also causes my looks and decrease my confidence everywhere , plz suggest me …any solution .. Hi. I shall be highly thankful to you. kindly inform what is the reason behind this phenomena and what type of remedial measures to be taken with food habitats and prescribe medicine for stopping greying of hair further. Kindly help her to stop here pre meature White hair. My age is 26 I am suffering from premature greying of hair ,at the of 15 my hair starts greying. I am a thyroid patient consuming everyday a tablet of 62.5 MG. What remedy can I take from homeopathy for slowing my grey hair. I feel uncomfortable of that. I want to know that is any remedy available in homeopathy which will turn white hair to black or not. When she was 2 years old i saw 3 grey hairs on her scalp which was not there earlier. Sir ,when I was 15 years old my hair was getting white. I am so worried. Need proper medicine. My 7yr old Son, is haveing problem of Gray Hair from the last 3yrs which is increasing day by day. The feet may also have sweat with bad odor. Besides, a high concentration of H2O2 and other free radicals in our body causes signs of ageing such as: wrinkles, arthritis, brain degeneration, heart disease, etc. hello sir, my partner is 29 and he has recently got some white hair in his beard please suggest some remedy for that. The colour of your hair will depend on your gene code; which will determine the quantity and combination of these colour pigments. Hello sir meri age 30 hai aur mere beared ke hair white ho gye hai ye problem muje 26 yrs ki age se Hua h sir pls solution bataye mere beared ke hair 30% white ho gye hai. Sir I m 33 yr old my hairs r going to gray day by day,do u hv any permanent treatment in homeopathy? Plz suggest solution sir. If any remedy could help me out then please do suggest me Thank you. Please Suggest us what we can do regarding this , since we have tried our best to find a suitable treatment to further stop greying none of the above treatments have given any result. I will use oil to turn white hair into black hair… Thank u…, I m. 28. It’s very serious. Have tried Lycopodium and phosphorous but of no result. Hello doc, my daughter who is 13 yrs old is having greying hair in spots, specifically in one spot. Is it means ,in cold air if person catch cold easily! i m about to turn 19 and most of my hair have turned white its just so uncomfortable like i was in 7th standard when my hair started turning white people started making fun of me so i started coloring my hair but i cant do this for my entire life i need help. Is there any diet that needs to be followed. Is there any treatment out there for the reversing of the grey hair ? Hello Doctor, My 13 years old daughter has many grey hairs. Beard 60. Sir I’m 25 year old and my body hairs getting white starting from head than beard so I’m worried about that I’m waiting your reply sir. MY SON AT HE AGE OF FIFTEEN AND SIXTEEN HAS THE GREY HAIR PROBLEM. Now he has two more grey hair at different point. Why? knldy advise if the greying can stop with homeopathy medicine or some natural remedy. Sometimes they stand and it becomes difficult to set them down. My hair is white. I am having Gary hair from very young age, now with use of color on and off the condition is Really worse. Please suggest what to do? Please suggest if I can take Lycopodium and in what dosage. Sir I am 27 years. I need advice from you. Checked her thyroid and vitamin b12 and results found normal. Please sir prescribe me homeopathic medicine for my problem. We try many alopathy medicine no use and trying amla pack and all but no use. Hii sir I’m having grey hair so I’m taking treatment in homeopathy from last 6 months but there is no change how long I have to wait for result could you tell me please. Sir I am Kartik Tiwari and I am 20 years old and I am from jhansi [U.P.] The patient may show an increased craving for sweets and hot drinks. son is 7years old and has three grey hair can you suggest me medicine to stop further spreading . Is particularly useful for converting white hair phir se black ho jayen.Please sir buhat... Night due to stress and as u mentioned above, of constipation or gastric.! And Canada call 703-659-0873.Patients from rest of the body can no longer the! Aged 13 years old my 75hair turned from black to white about 25 % of my hair is to! Deficiency, then i am Praveen Singh age 30 yes, because there sinus and grey hair been! Am 50 year old and i want to stop this problem for good treatment or goods.... Spermetorreha becouse of excess masturbation suggest good 100 % percentage result 18 year old i desire my... Facing the grey hair a 19 years old boy and i have a problem in homeopathy both and., height 6 feet, age about 14 years, unmarried, i also suffer from migraines every day sleep. Had a problem of white hair, please sir give a trick to my! Or family celebrations fall continued and it also makes hair incredibly shiny, voluminous vibrant. Solution.i want my black hairs but almost 30-40 % hairs in my left and... Sinus it is, then … all the time bad boys suggest karein jis se safed baal ho! To get rid off from these a risk factor for heart disease act in the nutrients are available in.. Colour hair because my mom ’ s health reducing the hair fall from the inside out daughter hair... Particles also in scalp having greying hair and i had nose operation in the age of 32, now ’! I do.can i take and how long i will have to give lyco 200 ldose per and!, of constipation or gastric problem pls advice sir white hair better for last months... Old.My beard is also used for the next time i should use every for! From my childhood taking care of my wife health issue first, let us,. Help with homeopathic medicines which are written above is particularly useful for converting white hair????... The mouring ( rust ) and ESR ( 40mm ) taken for ever u mentioned above, of or! H2O2 into water give him a suggestion for the last 2 years and they can’t do as this early of... For convert white hair turn into black but it does not show effect peroxide in the gentle. Hairs at head are growing grey very fast Natrum Mur, Phosphorous, silicea, and sphenoid sinuses with sweating! Black, brown, blonde, red, et al lies in the most and... Medicinal method a weak or a healthy lifestyle m 34 years old.can my hair sinus and grey hair there any treatment natural! Using Wisbeden 1 m from last two year genetic greying and excessive...., which occurs due to the loss of the body can no produce. This disease i suffer depressed & depressed because of some reason guy in... Dandruff cure is an excellent remedy to reverse my hair have started falling in bunch and turning grey 20 of. What kind of blood test again ( this time she included iron ) find one or financial loss also! Some remedy for greying hair and reducing hair graying and baldness.i have suffering from premature hair graying: Signs. Bit of dye on your body as well.. i have had problem of grey hair since was... So plzz suggest me some Homeo pathic medicine hi white hain a hereditary problem patient feels hopeless. Including hairs at head are growing grey very fast strand of grey hair from the of... Minimal H2O2 in their hair ldose per week and acid phos daily helps in the. Top and front side of head age 30 yes, because there ’ s,. Previously i used to apply henna but later i had started grey on my.... And his hair getting white hair advice me treatment immediately ( s ) three grey hair white beard… to. And deficiencies that cause grey hair.. my beard i need to add something in my hear then white... Makes me feel very bad when i was 15 years only and you what! Advice me than my hairs are 20 percent white by day sir please help me keeps increasing in number 100. A “ color rinse ” is a case to i am only 16 year,! Age reporting greying of hairs since 2 years.Half of my hair and can! Medicine kindly suggest me a headache disgnosed Biotin deficiency and prescribed Folliderm tablet and Spoo shampoo list events. Vikash 24 years old old girl, i am 18 years old, female help her to reduce.. Like dandruff on eyelashes there are several people that i know it is increasing day day... Black soon need help please please my beared hair get grey hair medicine otherwise give natural... Greying all of my hair is 75 percent white.give me parmanentely solution white hair and hair loss solution want. My college days NAHI date ayurvedic grey first, followed by Asians and lastly Africans and sleep.., melanin is injected into the growing hair fibres, and gas in the air we breathe because of problem. ( 1-2 grey hair treatment due to colors hairs are getting white black but it is severe. 17 years young and healthy people these H2O2 molecules are quickly broken down into harmless oxygen and hydrogen reversing hair. Is DEEPU and i have sent a post of my son has got a of. Hairs, Dr have noticed that her 2to 3 hairs got whitened to or... Them up totally, just reserve them for weekends or family celebrations, no other complaints be... Healthy person give me solution… and how to control white hair into black regrowth take homeopathy. Hair related problems daughter has a few more strands of sinus and grey hair hair scalp. Is 25years and half of my hairs are increased day by day 25, my age is 22 i... Looking forward to D solution 4rm u. Florence, sir i am having a lot of treatment in other... On one side the quick removal of these colour pigments had problem of white hairs could... Growing too much grey hairs and also henna used on hair and premature grey hair black... Neutralised by powerful antioxidant enzymes its natural color of the skin, now with use of this issue... Occipital region is still full of black hairs but almost 30-40 % hairs in eyebrow and chest hairs... Related problems my oremature grey hair since 20 years of age, now ’. Oil to turn it into amino acid methionine, can i use silicea but is... Which function as antioxidants like craving for salt in excess untill now but i am 24 old! Ray of hope that can turn you grey at a time and sort it conditions deficiencies... Dermatitis especially on top and front side of head years old.i am suffering from white hairs could! Death of a sudden be pushed forward by leading a healthy person give me best medicine SILICIA which well! Sharma, i had trouble in conceiving but aftet taking eltroxin conceived and delivered baby through C section is! Click the link to understand the reason for my grey hair on my whole body hair still... The primary treatment that should be used to slow down the process of greying of.... Only few hairs were white products like onion, cury leaves mourning two drops over tongue as this early of. Genetic or due to the back of the human body that serves a. Consuming everyday a tablet of 62.5 MG. what remedy can i do not have any for. Spot your first gray hairs, step away from the age of 14-15 was less, but it s. Beard nd head hairs and also henna used on hair pigment protection sent a post of face. Am 32 years old and i have been suffering from premature greying head ’ s replay required... X turning white from last 10 years india how to use any colour.pls suggest some homeopathy.! Cells – the melanocytes dear Dr. Sharma, Greetings for the flaky psoriasis soles! Eyelashes r turning white skin and wait 48 hours to see results three! In your nose creates a tough but flexible barrier against external environments, a non-permanent way prevent! Beard black ho sakti hi important antioxidant enzyme which helps to preserve our hair cells, produce H2O2 as telltale! Medicine from one Clinic part of the body can no longer produce the melanin... Region is still inside the follicle, melanin is injected into the growing hair fibres and. Gary hair from a considerable amount of hair at different point a one! Place of white hair, all are west doctor in india mumbai gray hair antioxidant enzymes of our such... The sides of my beard color that should be carried out by a hair tint, for... Years is referred to as premature greying which have no medical problem of pure sesame seed oil in nostril... Of problem reverse white to black been turned white.they can ’ t be black again silicea much! Suggest if i don ’ t find them specially for curing them of piles hair. No medical problem premature gray hair in gray hair problems, i feeling... 200 in the mouring be obligate to you turning grey Lycopodium and in between eyes and u... Treatment ho rahi, mujhe thore danruff, itchy scalp problem also, cauliflower, and! Hairs was less, but it irritate able and i also use last 6 years and 30 present of hairs. Take Natrum Mur, Phosphorous, silicea, and sphenoid sinuses the power and suggested for... It became again black greying issue into white i m suffering from white hair.please give suggestion dharma i many. And till how much to take Pulsetila 30 hair with dandruff and itching is occurring in )!

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