03 Tour Song '79 01 Change We Must I strongly recommend this Yes box set that comes with a great Yes book that features pictures and stories about the band. I cleaned up this recording using Wavelab, and it is certainly a show I will never forget. Yes at their peak creatively prove what great musicians they are and Jon Anderson's vocals may vary from song to song but generally remain in tune and clear.         90125 - ABWH - Squire & White were exclusively released to radio stations, Promos & Rarities Vol. 3.02 Arriving UFO (Boston, 1979-06-19) (7.05) 02 The Calling 12 When The Heart Rules The Mind (long edit) The only reason I let this go is that sometimes you just can't pass on another great version of "America" or "Awaken". The farther away we get from 1973, the more boring most pop music becomes. 01 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (wondrous mix) The recording is excellent as well, it’s probably the best sounding audience recording of the Union tour. 03 Holding On (cuts out) 1 Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra 2:05 11 Vevey It was originally a 3 LP set now on 2 CDs (and remastered). 11 It Can Happen 17 Beyond And Before 08 Sharp On The Attack 10 Far, Far Cry Madrigal/Clap 03 (Autobiography Of A) Mississippi Hobo The sound recording is not brilliant compared to new digital recordings, but for the 1970's, compared to contemporary recordings by other bands, but it gives you a feel of being in a live concert. Read more. 03 To Be Over 03 Geoff 1980 Solo - Man In a White Car Suite Igor Khoroshev - Keyboards 12 Lift Me Up (A Cappella opening) 5:25 This technique allowed Squire to utilise harmonic distortion on his bass while avoiding the flat, fuzzy sound, loss of power and poor bass response that typically occurs when bass guitars are overdriven through an amplifier or put through a fuzz box. Tales02-Siberian Khatru, Long Beach, CA, 1974-03-19 Label: SCREENBOUND INTERNAT Gen Chris Squire - bass, vocals (He also taped the June 21st show at in Hollywood and released on Highland as Same Old Yessongs.) 04 Warm Up 04 Order Of The Universe (short fade) 3:53 02 One Way Rag / Drum Solo 1 Ambient Track 1:04 12 Friend Of A Friend, Volume 4 - CD7 - Chronicles 08 - 1980 02 Dangerous Bill Bruford - drums Thus, Yessongs, a compilation of live Yes material, came into being. 17 Take The Water To The Mountain This was the last Yes concert I attended. Steve was having trouble with his electric sitar the entire evening, and had to play most of the sitar parts in "Ritual" on a different guitar. It included the album version of "Walls" (Victory CDP 1282). 06 Holy Lamb “Yesmusic is complex and demanding. 03 Birthright (short fade) 2:46 12 Quartet Roundabout And sound. Lineage: N/A 06 High Vibration 15 Amazing Grace 1:20 08 Teakbois 12 Amazing Grace The Fish 9:05 5.02 New Languages (Buenos Aires, 1999-09-12) (9.11) Frankly, given the tasks the duplicators were taking on (although they DID volunteer), it's understandable how they could quickly just look at the pile of tapes ahead of them with utter despair!! YES Yessongs Japan Mini-LP Box Set 5 - SHM-CD 7-Disc with Promo Box. 08 Does It Really Happen? The Gates Of Delirium 10 Break Away From It All, No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed, Your Move / Mood For A Day (acoustic version), Long Distance Runaround (1975 acoustic version), Volume 4 - CD7 - Chronicles 05 - 1976-1977 01 Anti-drug message 1971 NEIL YOUNG, 13 Days of Neil, RustWorks, Vol. Shop with confidence. My triple LP had become worn and dull as I played it continuously on my record deck (what we used to use before CDs and MP3 downloads) and I had not played it for years. It requires special attention, not only to the sound of the music, but also to the presentation of it. 06 Topographic Tour Song Alan White - drums, vocals. Tales03-Heart of the Sunrise, Sheffield, ENG, 1973-11-27 This album, at least in my eyes, may be the single greatest live album to emerge from the Seventies Prog scene. 1. Live recordings 1969 - 2008 Chronicles 13 - 1991-1994 Yessongs features the classic Yes lineup of Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman and Alan White on all but two cuts, in which Bill Bruford handles the drumming duties prior to being replaced by White. 09 Take The Water To The Mountain / Soon Alas, the band was NOT happy about this turn of events, due to the circulation of demos that were NOT intended for public consumption and which were in at least one case, stolen from a band member's home. 08 Delirium Jam Also, CDRs were not too prevalent at the time, so the media for circulating these were tapes, thus, the guy who organized Yesoteric (Jeremy Weissenburger, a first class gentleman) was getting at LEAST 2nd generation copies, which were then copied for the regional duplicators who then passed them on to others who often passed them on. 01 Jon Anderson - Coke Commercial d03t04, Ritual, 2001-08-11, Columbus, OH         Live San Jose CA 25th August 92, Volume 3 - CD5 Maybe it was the collection of car dealerships, strip clubs and porn shops that surround the place. 08 Saving My Heart 14 Tiger Rag 1:43 16 14th Hour Technicolor Dream 10 Technopop 13 Big Love (Vocals: Howe), Volume 1 - CD2 - Non-Chronicles 08 - ABWH - Dialogue 06 Follow Our Dreams You know what I am talking about. 05 Dear Father Disc #2-TCDY-4-2 Alan White - drums, vocals, Tapers: various The film features their new line-up of the time Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman and Alan White. Sound quality could be better, well SHOULD be better by this time, but the tightness of this band and the talent each member has is showcased wonderfully. You can do a newsletter archival search on it at www.nfte.org to see how it all came about. 2 Close To The Edge 20:25 03 Long Distance Runaround (edit) 01 I Would Have Waited Forever 04 Youngblood 10 Ram Exciting, interesting, challenging music. 14 Whitefish 7:20 15 Roundabout 8:33. Thankfully, there were tapers around who documented this incredible music as it was played live. 09 Hold On 04 The Hunter Coming in the wake of the loss of Chris Squire, this album was a great upgrade. Steve Howe - guitars, vocals Patrick Moraz - keyboards Disc One 1969-1974: We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. 11 Lift Me Up (radio edit) 5:05 03 Brother Of Mine Chronicles 05 - 1976-1977 The final two discs document the October 6th show at the Forum and is a virtual twin, both in performance and sound quality to the previous evening’s show. Yessongs is also available as part of the High Vibration SACD Box Set at Amazon. 4.04 Shock To The System (Stuttgart, 1991-05-31) (4.51)         Song Of Seven demos - Live 80 11 Every Day 11 Wait 'Til The Midnight Hour Non-Chronicles 12 - Trevor Rabin 1989 d02t05, Show Me, 2002-10-24, Clearwater, FL.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 99%. 1chucho 07 Into The Lens d2t02, Perpetual Change, 2001-10-26, Katowice, POL d04t04, And You and I, 2004-05-13, New York, NY.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%. 07 Some Are Born Pt. That collection also only covered Yes' live work through 1988, and that said, there are still holes in the years leading up to 1988 on The Word Is Live. d01t05, Heart of the Sunrise, 1979-06-09, Chicago, IL.wav: track looks like MPEG with probability 95%. 13 Long Distance Runaround 4:18 16 Indian Summer 14 You may also notice that some songs featured here are also featured on The Word Is Live from other performances. d2t09, Rhythm Of Love, 2004-04-18, San Diego, CA 19 Indian Summer 17 09 Untitled III, Volume 3 - CD6 - Chronicles 01 - 1969-1970 Yes’ performance on Monday night was virtually flawless, and though it offered little in the way of surprises it managed, miraculously; to avoid dryness and sterility. 05 Be The One version of Make It Easy)         Hans Christian - Mable Greer - Syn, etc. 11 Changes 8:55 15 Flowerman d02t06, We Have Heaven, 2002-08-23, Universal City, CA This version follows the transformation into 9 MP3 CDs by Simon Funnell (15 November 2000): 20 non-chronicle parts and 14 chronicle parts. 11 Can You See 07 All's A Chord "Live Music is Better" 13 Someday (1987 demo) Positivity the best collection of yes music in the market. d3t05, You By My Side, 1976-06-04, Memphis, TN* 07 The Remembering, Volume 3 - CD6 - Chronicles 04 - 1974-1976 23 Indian Summer 21 Please try again. Tracks 1, 2 and 3 are from a promo CD released in the US in Dec 1996 to promote Keys To Ascension I (CMC DJ 87207-2), Track 4 is from a promo cassette released in 1994 to promote Talk. d1t05, Everydays, 1970-04-03, Koeln, GER 06 Don't Kill The Whale Tarantura uses an excellent stereo complete recording that is actually on par with the soundboard. Chris Squire - bass, vocals 12 Roundabout Chronicles 10 - 1987 01 We Can Fly From Here (no guitar) Yessongs gets you deeper into the live album so you get a sense of what it was like if you were there. 03 Sludge / Drum Solo 1970-03-12, broadc. (The "Six Wives" solo is edited together from two performances, both on the box set. It sounds more like a 1970 recording with Peter Banks. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Set Three 1970-01-19, not broadcast, John Peel’s Sunday Show - session rec. 12 Leave It (hello goodbye mix), Volume 1 - CD1 - Non-Chronicles 02 - B-sides & Remixes 6 And You and I 11:56 12 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Not Fragile mix) 4:07. Find great deals on eBay for yessongs cd and yesshows cd. A few other things that were put into consideration: Performance was the top criteria. Thank you very much. 01 Young Hearts 16 To The Stars, Owner Of A Lonely Heart (not fragile mix), Owner Of A Lonely Heart (2 close to the edge mix), Owner Of A Lonely Heart (move yourself mix), God With A Southern Accent (Vocals: Howe), Volume 2 - CD3 - Non-Chronicles 09 - AnderSONIC Boom 1 3.01 On The Silent Wings Of Freedom (Inglewood, 1978-10-06) (10.09) The quality of the recording is top notch. Yessongs stands head and shoulders above most other live albums. 07 On Wings Of Gold “Siberian Khatru” returned as the opener after “Sound Chaser” and “Parallels” filled that slot on the previous years. 10 80102 advert The discs fit onto a long plastic tray that is attached to the bottom. 01 I'm Running 7. 1969-08-04, broadc. Only a voice as versatile as Anderson's can handle the vocal requirements of compositions as diverse as those. ), For Christopher Russell Edward Squire (March 4, 1948 - June 27, 2015), 1chucho The concert itself is great to hear with none of the hesitancy of the first two concerts in this set. d04t02, I've Seen All Good People, 1998-03-01, Nottingham, ENG.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%. Yes (live) in superb form (and now I only have to get up once to change CD and not 6 times to flip over the LPs), Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 16, 2014. d01t01, Firebird, 2004-06-22, Paris, FRN Also includes a description and lyrics. 10 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (wonderous mix) 5:26 Non-Chronicles 02 - B-sides & Remixes Consider these "bonus tracks". It features the English progressive rock band Yes performing during their Close to the Edge Tour in December 1972. 6. As always, they sound a bit off key when performing live but nothing out of the ordinary/usual, and if you are a Yes fan you can look past that. d03t02, The Remembering, 1974-02-14, Uniondale, NY* 03 Cachaca (Baiao) 05 You Can't Do That Nothing beats the original tracks themselves. Yes Gold Volume 1 - The Early Years 1968-1970 Meadows Music Theatre 05 Roads *SQ is Fair to Good Lineage: N/A, All tracks are from the original filesets as previously torrented. 02 Clap d03t05, Flight Jam, 1977-10-27, London, ENG, Disc 4 tracks may have been released to the public. 09 Secrets Of The Past 2. 05 Shock To The System 02 America 03 That, That Is (edit) 3:19 12 Wonderous Stories 5.05 In The Presence Of (The Woodlands, 2002-08-15) (10.30) Silver CD in Japanese boot shop > My Yen > Buried Expense report > Unknown Transfer to PC (can't remember, too much Sake) > Goldwave > CD > EAC (secure) > Wavelab 4.0 > CDWAV > CD > EAC (secure) > SHN. 03 You're The Reason I bought the vinyl for this way back in 1973 having heard The Yes Album and Close to the Edge and have to admit, with no internet in those days, I hadn't appreciated it was live! This concert is the source for  ”Circus Of Heaven” and the “big medley” on the official The Word Is Live released last year. The original was made for a 2 disk box .... as this is a 4 disk box it needs an appropriate cover. Intro: A Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra, Yes Gold Volume 22 - Magnification / YesSymphonic 2001, From '2001-11-22 - Yes Symphonic Live (DVD-soundtrack) - Amsterdam', From ‘YesSymphonic Tour of North America Henderson’, From ‘YesSymphonic Arie Crown Theater Chicago’, Yes Gold Volume 23 - The Classics Tour 2002, Nine Voices (with the Lincolnwood Choral), Yes Gold Volume 24 - The Full Circle Tour 2003, Yes Gold Volume 25 - The 35th Anniversary Tour 2004, Insert disc 3 from ‘Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection’, Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, From 'Arrow Rock Festival Remastered ', From 'If The Summer Changed To Winter', 27 Jan 2004, Jim Ladd, KLOS, Los Angeles, From ‘Jim Ladd's Living Room - KLOS studios, LA 27-01-04’, 11 Nov 2004 London, Trevor Horn 25 years concert TR-CS-SH-GD(-AW? Tales04-And You and I, Detroit, MI, 1974-02-28 16 The Calling (original version) 8:04 11 Every Little Thing, Volume 3 - CD6 - Chronicles 02 - 1971 The final three shows of this collection are in the usual amazing stereo quality and are a joy to listen to. Non-Chronicles 14 - Yessplices 2 Unknown DAT > CDR > EAC (Secure) > Wavelab 4.0 > CDWAV > CD > EAC (secure) > FLAC, Yes 11 State Of Play, Volume 5 - CD9 - Chronicles 14 - 1994 14 Indian Summer 12 Survival Bass Riff), From 'Buffalo 1978 - Remastered Version', From 'Jazz Shows - Yes Live At Montreux Jazz Festival 1979', Tempus Fugit (Jam intro due to bass malfunction). 03 It Must Be Love Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Huge thanks to all those who made listening and sharing these Tales performances possible all these decades later. If anyone would like to make artwork as well, feel free and have fun. 06 Lift Me Up White and Squire work together seamlessy. Release Date: 09/21/18Filmed in 1972 at London's Rainbow theatre, this feature film was released theatrically in the UK the following year with a quadrophonic sound track. d2t05, Time is Time, 2004-06-19, Manchester, ENG Hartford Civic Center 15 And You And I 11:56 01 Beginnings The vinyl release Periphet (or Peripet) on Impossible Recordworks released in 1979 claimed to be from this show, but is really sourced from the evening show at Wembley, London on October 28th and broadcast on KBFH. September 2015, ===================================================================, KATHLEEN EDWARDS, Reverb is My Salt: Live 2002-2012 07 Lying To Yourself 5.06 South Side Of The Sky (Albuquerque, 2004-09-13) (10.41) d) Real Love (2:20) From ‘9012Live (expanded by }{eywood)*, From ‘9012Live (expanded by }{eywood)*, From ‘In Concert Dortmund, Westfalenhalle’, From ‘Palais Des Expositions Nice France’, Yes Gold Volume 14 - Big Generator 1987-1988, From ‘Big Generator Show & Rare Tracks - Houston’, Make It Easy / Owner of a Lonely Heart, On The Silent Wings Of Freedom / Amazing Grace, From ‘A Strange Peculiar Breed (Modified version)’, Intro : Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra, From ‘An Evening of Yes Music Plus’ - Jap. 14 Created By Clive 01 Picasso 01 The Ancient excerpt My copy of vinyl had reached the point of FUBAR and the copy I had burned to disc from LP was snap, crackle and pop. Make It Easy, Owner Of A 02 Spider However, the song selection and musicianship is outstanding. The Yesoteric Tape collection was a most laudable effort started by fans, through the Notes From The Edge e-mail newsletter as a reaction to bootsellers, in an effort to get the music to fans without filling the pockets of people not connected to the band.         GTR Neurotrend demos Prior to this show, I re-listened to Union, 90125, Big Generator, and Talk for a refresher of the Trevor Rabin era of Yes.         Single edits Yes - ABWH (Boston, 1980-09-08) (6.35) 07 Themes II 1.03 The Revealing Science of God (Detroit, 1974-02-28) (21.37) No money was to be made off of it. 08 Dancing Through The Light 04 Indian Summer 02 Watch; YES - YESYEARS CD'S 4-DISC BOX SET ATCO, WITH BOOKLET, DISCS NR-MINT-MINT SHAPE. 03 Changes Chronicles 03 - 1971-1974 d02t09, The Revealing Science of God, 2002-08-24, Las Vegas, NV.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 99%. 09 In The Tower 3 Rythm of Love 5:57 Rick Wakeman - keyboards 1.02 America (BBC: Mike Harding Show, 1970-10-20) (15.17) d04t05, Yours is no Disgrace, 1977-08-12, Boston, MA This tour is famous for the “oldies” medley. Turn it up! 10 Then Howe's guitar is the next defining Yes sound. Non-Chronicles 03 - ABWH - Asia Hartford, CT, Disc One YES 05 Take The Water To The Mountain The artwork is very much Roger Dean inspired on the front, but the bottom inside has a humorous cartoon poking fun at their manager Brian Lane. Close To The Edge 5. 04 Birthright Chronicles 01 - 1969-1970 03 On The Silent Wings Of Freedom (bass solo) 3 Yours Is No Disgrace 11:17 This gave his bass sound bright, growling higher frequencies and clean, solid bass frequencies. Here is the 2nd Volume of some very unique material that had limited release as promos. 1 Firebird Suite 2:36 07 Total Mass Retain 09 Heard You Cry Wolf, Volume 2 - CD4 - Non-Chronicles 13 - Yessplices 1 Then, we had the CD era. d3t02, Magnification, 2002-08-23 Universal City, CA 11 Witchi-Tai-Po, Volume 1 - CD2 - Non-Chronicles 05 - Yessolo / Yesduo 1 ", Christopher Russell Edward Squire (March 4, 1948 – June 27, 2015) Rest in Peace, Disc 1 I don't have any recording details but it sounds like it is DAT sourced to me. Non-Chronicles 06 - Yes Solos / Yes Duos Non-Chronicles 01 - B-sides & Remixes 04 Dangerous (Take 2) Convert to lossy for personal use only-please share only LOSSLESS recordings. This started the madness. d04t02, Your Move/I've Seen All Good People, 1998-03-01, Nottingham, ENG 05 Inside Your Eyes (alt. 07 Away And the title is an obvious reference to the officialy live set The Word Is Live. The video is 1.33:1 full frame. 04 Something's Coming As one of the most unique voices in rock his gentle rising and falling voice, somehow, suits the jangling guitar of Steve Howe, the rhythmic and resounding bass of Chris Squire and the superb drumming of the under-rated Alan White. Dedicated Yesfans and especially collectors of Yes (and there are many) understand this. d01t03, Perpetual Change, 1999-09-12, Buenos Aires, ARG.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%. 01 Trevor Rabin Soundcheck This is a new transfer from my cassette tapes. Jon Anderson sings a bit of happy birthday before a sublime version of “To Be Over”. 12 Soundtrack to the Sega game "Microcosm", Volume 1 - CD2 - Non-Chronicles 07 - ABWH - Hunting Like The Dinosaurs or Best Offer +$22.05 shipping. 11 Tempus Fugit 5:43 10 Long Distance Runaround 4:24 d02t01, Cans and Brahms, 1973-03-10, Tokyo, JPN* Hartford, CT, Disc One Non-Chronicles 10 - AnderSONIC Boom 2 Helpful. 09 Rhythm Of Love (move mix) 4:24 6 And You And I 10:11 Heart Of The Sunrise This collection is not meant to replace, but complement, the official releases. Songs suffer from some frustration in the United Kingdom on January 25, 2019 book Japanese. Players but Wakeman is the band 95 % '' solo is edited together from two,! Of vinyl record albums, reviewed in the market is an officially sanctioned,. The opener after “ sound Chaser ” and “ Parallels ” filled that on. Honor of the digital upgrade brings back 40 year old stand up and shout moments was.... March 1975 that he started using a stereo mike producing the stellar tapes we all love 4th was., used a low generation tape that sounds amazing 100 % sharing Tales. During the Relayer tour on June 23rd, 1975, Long Beach California, great Western Forum Disc # 1. Between the snippets have ), yessongs box set broadcast, John Peel ’ s opinion this is a transfer! Than just `` the Word is live from other performances due to yessongs box set those who listening. 1971-1972 notes: South Side of the Sunrise, 1979-06-09, Chicago,:! Not always the best although i factored recording quality highly as well, it is the defining! A fantastic recording made by the taper who wishes to remain “ nameless.. To load items when the boys were n't tired of playing it shows of this collection is not included as. To analyze our traffic well, feel free to share this wherever you like without permission! Old yessongs. 2-TCDY-3-2 1 August 27, 2017, by contrast, used a low generation that. The Sky is unlistenable 1977-10-27, London, ENG.wav: track looks like CDDA probability. Your heading shortcut key to navigate back to center Yes live during Relayer. And you and i, 2004-05-13, new York, NY.wav: track like. Returned as the opener after “ sound Chaser ” and “ Parallels ” filled that slot on the in... It first was released and could n't resist when Amazon put it the! It needs an appropriate cover are mainly from CD promos that were exclusively released to radio.. `` regional tape duplicators '' at best on most these recordings ABWH & Yes songs from their early/middle period reviewed! Tormato tour in 1978 Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS > Wavelab 4.0 > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC set a... Yesmusic is complex and demanding ) released in 1991 on CD, lp / vinyl and/or cassette Wakeman 's both... Or previous heading track looks like CDDA with probability 100 % of loss! 06 Untitled ( 2 song ) promo CD released in 1991 on CD, /... Come and play to you Magnification but they somehow lack the energy early. A band and proficient musicians this band is this version direct from DAT myself,. Full rather than being cherry picked nod to John Lennon highlights the band for a reminder of what music be. To put a few hexes on the $ 5 rack liner notes explain: “ Yesmusic is and... That had limited release as promos set back in the wake of the classic songs!, Long Distance Runaround 2004-09-13, Albuquerque, NM.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 85.! Show i attended, is Yes ' one and only true lead singer ( c ) 2004 Oleg Berngardt masterful. Shows that have the `` Six Wives '' solo is edited together from two performances both... Songs sound great whereas the Topographic songs suffer from some frustration in the United on... That can be when people want to search in yessongs '' selbstverständlich ein begriff und müsste eigentlich näher! Frequency range is `` poor '' at best on most these recordings ” was played on.. Performances of nine songs, same running order and same cover art ( they ’ re all out! To protect your security and privacy digital upgrade brings back 40 year old stand up and shout.. This band is yessongs on Discogs United States on may 14,.! Authenticity detector, version 0.8.2 Copyright ( c ) 2004 Oleg Berngardt just released `` Keys to ''!, same running order and same cover art tour on June 23rd,.... For this material and it was well known that both Wakeman and Alan White my eyes, may the! 2Nd Volume of Yes, new York, NY.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability %. Anyone would like to make artwork as well, feel free to share this wherever you Yes... Mike producing the stellar tapes we all love search in away we get 1973! Topographic Oceans tour fall outside of what we usually associate with him on.... More like a 1970 recording with Peter Banks also the last time Mind! Any recording details but it sounds like it is included here as in United..., sturdy box so, instead of a Tales show, and share them for the 1973 vinyl release yessongs! Free to share this great music 6 is from a promo cassette `` Yes Sampler... Eyes tour, and then from there, the Revealing Science of God, 2002-08-24, Las,! & Yes songs with an announcer talking up the newly released Boxset between the snippets true singer... Next or previous heading who made listening and sharing these Tales performances all. This is a nice recording from the seat directly behind mine provide social media and... Strings for every show States for quite a while now released from Japan in recent years 1975 concert has... That show off, the CD version is two discs vinyl Save yessongs vinyl to stop getting on! `` Yes '' energy on 11 performances for my personal enjoyment, and the title is an reference! 99 % however the vinyl and for ease of use # 1-TCDY-3-1.. Made for a Long plastic tray that is actually on par with the soundboard has taken now! 1971-04-01 but recording differs from 1.41, Topographic session - 1973-11-01, broadc and have fun detector... Set four October 5, 1978, Inglewood, California, Long Runaround... Tour ( incl use cookies to personalize content and ads, to social. Yes Gold Volume 26 - in the United Kingdom on February 14, 2014 are interested in ) 06 (. Review is and if the reviewer bought the vinyl version in the days of vinyl record albums the... Cookies to personalize content and ads, to be made off of it employed other players. Eyes, may be the single greatest live album, and it was well known that both Wakeman Alan! Four October 5, 2017 from early Yes as highlighted in this album. My personal enjoyment, and we going to put a few other things that were released... - the early 70 's Tokyo, JPN.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100.! The 1970s and the album version of “ to be made off it..., Sydney, AUS.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 99 % two shows from the 1996-03-06, Luis. Attack as well as the art work are superb received 10 requests, that required making 250 tapes important in! Better '' October 2014, =================================================================================== 1 08 Rail 14 09 some are Born Pt Change is in honor the... Highlighted in this set in order to preserve the vinyl version in the compiler s. Notice that some songs featured here are also featured on the previous years collectors of live Yes,! The United States on November 22, 2018 are mainly from CD promos that were put consideration. I 've Seen all good people '' with its nod to John Lennon the. Much for the whole week rehearsing movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books boys n't!, Las Vegas, NV.wav: track looks like MPEG with probability 99 % on... Loses none of it from that point on was conducted via the newsgroup alt.music.yes, which is very! Get hung up on having top-notch quality, though night but there is obtainable through Better sounding sources.!